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Wedding Accommodation

Crystal Pacific boasts a total of six 2-bedroom apartments, offering accommodation for up to 30 guests. Within each apartment, you’ll find a queen-sized bed in the main guest room and a single bunk above a double bed in the second guest room. This allows for a comfortable stay for a total of 5 guests per apartment.

Getting ready on the big day

On the day of your wedding, we welcome your hair and makeup team to join you at Crystal Pacific. You and your bridal party can utilise the generous space available downstairs in each apartment for getting ready. Furthermore, there is a designated parking space for each apartment and on-street parking is also readily accessible for your convenience.


We love seeing the collection of your cherished wedding photographs, capturing the essence of your special occasion. Numerous beautiful locations await your photographers to work their magic. From the hanging day bed on your private balcony through to the vibrant poolside ambience or the cactus garden lining the driveway. All these locations contribute to creating an array of stunning images that beautifully encapsulate your special day.

The day after

You’re invited to unwind by the pool on the day after, cherishing the wonderful moments from the previous night’s festivities. If you have booked Crystal Pacific exclusively, it offers a wonderful opportunity to gather your guests privately.


In partnership with Gold Coast Grazing Platters, we present a catering option for your convenience. As your bridal party and wedding guests prepare for your special occasion, enjoy the ease of having delicious platters delivered right to your doorstep. You can also arrange poolside platters for the day after, adding an easy touch to your past wedding gathering relaxation.

Wedding Venues

Pacific Beach Function Centre

With its stunning ocean views, elegant interiors, and impeccable service, this venue sets the stage for unforgettable celebrations of love. Experience the beauty of a beachfront ceremony and the magic of a special evening at the Pacific Beach Function Centre. It is conveniently located just 5 minutes away from Crystal Pacific.

The Valley Estate

Nestled within the picturesque area of Currumbin Valley, only 15 minutes from Crystal Pacific. The Valley Estate stands as a captivating wedding venue. This enchanting location sets the stage for unforgettable celebrations of love, where couples can exchange vows amidst stunning landscapes and create timeless memories in a truly magical setting.

Braeside Estate

Discover the charm of Braeside Estate in Merrimac, 20 minutes from Crystal Pacific. A hidden gem that promises a unique and intimate setting for your special occasion. With its rustic elegance and inviting ambience, Braeside Estate invites you to create cherished moments that will be treasured forever.